Novice Nurse

Your nursing career starts here

The Novice Nurse Training Program at Maxim Healthcare Services is designed to provide a year of hands-on learning and support to RNs, LPNs and LVNs with less than one year of experience. You'll partner with an experienced Maxim nurse who will provide real-time feedback, training opportunities, and mentorship.

Gain practical nursing experience

Gain the practical experience you need to confidently provide patient care on your own. Advance your skills in a controlled environment supported by our top-notch clinical leadership team.

Hands-on training & skills advancement

Accelerate your development through hands-on training in a clinical lab setting. Our program takes you from entry-level to advanced nursing; including specialized pediatric training, tracheostomy, and ventilator management.

​​​​​​​Achieve your professional goals

Take your career to new heights working directly with patients. Our Novice Nurse program allows you the training to open the doors to various leadership positions within Maxim.

Jumpstart your nursing career 

Amy Bailey, RN found the perfect beginning to her nursing career with Maxim's Novice Nurse Program. 
Maxim Healthcare Novice Nurse program graduate, Amy Bailey with a patient

Gain practical nursing experience and be prepared for patient emergencies

One of the most unnerving parts of starting your first nursing job is knowing how to manage patient emergencies. Through a combination of on-the-job training and one-on-one mentorship with a veteran nurse, you’ll leave the program with a comprehensive nursing skillset necessary for handling patient emergencies. 

Take Michelle Dudzik, LPN with Maxim Healthcare Services, for example. In 2021, once Dudzik graduated and earned her nursing degree, she enrolled in Maxim’s Novice Nurse Program.
“After a few months in the program, I was able to learn and adjust to different scenarios and emergencies,” says Dudzik. “I have my preceptor as well as my other supervisors as my support. When an emergency arises out in the field and I have a question, I’m able to get a fast response from them.”

What our nurses are saying

"I was supported all the way through the hiring and training process. I absolutely love my client and the family that I was paired with! I have been trained on so many new medical techniques and devices that I had either never been exposed to, or never heard of through my one year training and gained confidence in my skills throughout my time with Maxim."
Sharon D., LVN
Fresno, CA
"The novice nurse programs is a great way to go from school to working full time because they make sure to prepare you for taking care of patients on your own. I have loved my time with Maxim. It is the kind of company that works like a team, we all help each out out and have given me opportunities to grow and make progress as an RN."
Claire H., RN
Tucson, AZ
"Maxim Healthcare is an outstanding 5 star healthcare company. When I first enquired about a job opening I was drawn in by the recruiter's kindness. Once hired and going through orientation, again I was amazed at how thorough the clinical staff is. I have encountered numerous supervisors and coworkers who all have their nurses and the families we care for best interest at mind. I truly love my job!"
Amorette F., LVN
Sacramento, CA

Questions? Contact your local Maxim office. 

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